Name Power

What is the power of your name?

I know that some names are very powerful indeed.   Think of Genghis, Francis,  Kermit, Hilary, Gilda, Wilma.  Each name brings a notion of the person colored by history or experience.   You might picture someone ruthless, traitorous, pious, green, traveling, making jokes, tempting men or keeping house B.C.  It all depends upon whom the name leads your mind to.

People often think I was named for the French orphan in the Ludwig Bemelmans‘s children’s books.  My mother tells me I am actually named for a Swedish opera singer she admired when she was young.  I’m not an orphan, and although I like to sing, no one could confuse me with a professional.

No matter how you got your name, most folks have a story to go with it.   Expectant parents in our culture try very hard to find the “perfect”,  “just right” name for their soon to be child.  Whole books are devoted to the topic.

What is your story?

Some people don’t like their given name, or feel it doesn’t suit them.  This can pose a problem since our primary identifier is our name.  We hear it, write it, see it all the time.  History and experience can color our ideas of suitability.

If your name were different, what kind of person would you be?

If you could choose your own name, what would you choose?

What is the power of your name?

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